Why people choose National Family Care

The advantage of NFC Direct

NFC is based around offering simple, straightforward benefits,
Not expensive policies, complicated language, and hidden fees. 

Premier Customer Service

With NO hidden fees, NFC is designed around customer service

24/7 Live Support

A live person will answer all questions. No automated phone directories, and no confusing messages.

Benefits paid directly to YOU

We offer a simpler way to provide workplace coverage for you and your employees.


We offer options that allow you to customize your benefits to your liking. Whether it be All-In-One coverage to save money, or a customized plan to provide enhanced protection in high risk areas.​

Our achievements in numbers

Satisfied customers
Years of experience
Insurances in our offer
Customer SerVICE HAS SET US A PART FOR OVER 50 years!

Client testimonials

I have 4 active kids and knowing they are protected gives me peace of mind.

Kimberly C.

Rockwall Texas

I found a any that would listen to me, and provide only the coverages I wanted. Thanks for not overselling me!

Albert D

Austin Texas

We bought the policy for our entire family. We were so grateful we had it because we used it twice in two months. Thank you NFC “
– Albert D.

John Doe

Company Name

Online Portal

Access to NFC products 24/7

Our online portal provides access to the products you have come to trust for decades, but if you ever need live support we are just a call away!

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NFC News

NFC provides frequent updates in and around our service area related to health and wellness, in hopes to keep you informed!

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